Friday, December 23, 2011

Rolo Pretzel Turtles

Pin It Another holiday staple for my family.  I love adding these to a cookie tray because you can sprinkle them around to fill in gaps.  I also like to have a smalll bowl of them out at my house during holiday gatherings because they are a great finger food that guests of all ages enjoy.  I usually make a triple batch because they are gobbled up so quickly around here.

Rolo Pretzel Turtles
1 bag Rolo candies, unwrapped
25-30 round pretzels (or any shape small pretzels)
25-30 pecan halves

1. Arrange 10-12 pretzels on a wax paper covered microwave safe plate.
2. Put one Rolo cany in the center of each pretzel.
3. Microwave pretzels and Rolos for 30 seconds, or until Rolos are just melted.
4. Quickly press a pecan on top of each Rolo, flattening it into the pretzel.
5. Repeat with remaining pretzels and Rolos.
5. Allow to cool completely before removing from wax paper.

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